Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in geekhousekeeper,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Power Cord Management

You know how you either cannot find the power cord for some device you haven't used in months, or have no idea which of 10 nearly-but-not-actually-identical black wall-warts belongs to the device? My solution involves a permanent marker at the time of purchase (or shortly thereafter), silver Sharpie by preference.

I write the device that this cord is for on the block in large, clear, letters. For named devices, I put their name on it; for all others, I put their model. I refresh the marking as needed, but it's pretty durable. This helps find the cord at need (either in a pile of cords, or "What am I supposed to unplug here!? They all look alike and I don't want to kill anything important!"), and helps with being able to toss the cord for a device that has just bit the dust.
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