Onyxrising (onyxrising) wrote in geekhousekeeper,

Idea for the Site

I was making a mochi run with Sven today when a thought came up, and I wanted to get a little feedback on it. It had been suggested that we eventually have a very basic how-to-cook section, with the basics, as well as what you should stock your dorm room with, etc. Sven and I feel this would be improved by a host, with occassional pictures. We're thinking cooking segments and articles hosted by a WoW character. Nightshade Blackmoon, or whatever we decided to call her, could demonstrate proper technique for mixing pangalactic gargle blasters, where to shop for basic dorm kitchen supplies, and how to make sushi, as well as basic technique.
Yes, this would involve much parodying of WoW.
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Good idea.
Do we know anyone with a WoW dark elf?
Not that I know.

Hmm. Look into this further, I will.
As shall I. I have some ideas for prelimanary sessions with Nightshade. I was thinking of doing them up as is, then adding photos and her name to it later just to get the content up. My friends, unfortunately, play Tauren.